Speedzone re-release – 1/12 5200mAh 1S Saddle Pack

Back by popular demand, Speedzone have re-released the 5200 mAh 3.7v 50C Saddle Lipo Pack.

All 1:12 scale T-bar car owners once again have a true option when it comes to LiPo packs. Rather than shifting around electronics and re-balancing the car to fit a standard LiPo, a LiPo saddle pack offers up a perfect solution and a perfectly balanced 1:12 scale car.

Naturally, this pack is not limited to 1:12 scale and can be used for all 1S applications which accept the pack’s dimensions. All packs are assembled with flexible, high-flow wire and measure 46mm x 46.5mm x 23mm.

ROAR and BRCA approved! Click here to see the 1S Saddle pack fitted in a 1/12 scale car.