Speedzone “Peerless” Series Competition Brushless Motor Line

Speedzone “Peerless” Series sensored brushless motors offer the best in performance and efficiency. Complimenting the Speedzone “Peerless” Series Lipo line of batteries, the BL motor line comes in a variety of turns and is built with the highest of quality and tolerance. Engineered for 1/12 and 1/10 scale R/C vehicles, the motors are available in standard 540 and 550 sizes. The 550 versions are specifically designed for the Short Course 4WD class. And with the growing popularity of SC, Speedzone also has a 2wd Short Course Edition in the 540 line-up.

Motors are bench tested to ensure sensor, stator and dual precision bearing seating are all functioning to a strict quality control. We want to ensure customer satisfaction right from the very moment of purchase. The Peerless design features symmetrical vent openings, which in conjunction with the case and stator structure reduces the motor temperature and maximizes efficiency during an operating cycle. The end result is a stronger motor carrying the maximum torque and rpm with less fade during a race, all contributing factors to a longer life span for the motor.

Ease of use and adjustability is another advantage of the Peerless Series Line. The motors feature a very easy timing adjustment; easy solder 90 degree low profile tabs, clear markings and optional rotors which all provide for quick and precise motor adaptability for different race or hobby environments. All motors come with a 90 day limited warranty.

90 Degree Solder Tabs
Symmetrical Vent placements
Adjustable timing
Dual precision ball bearings
Highly durable sintered rotor
Lightweight design and components
Clear Markings
High Temp Stator Wire
Fully Rebuild-able
Built to ROAR, IFMAR and EFRA specs